Estate of Thomas Carey



The Estate of Thomas Carey has owned and operated Hawthorne Race Course for over 100 years, making it the oldest continuously family-owned and operated race track in the nation. As the oldest sports venue in Illinois, Hawthorne Race Course has been an integral player in the legendary heritage of Chicago sports entertainment. The Estate of Thomas Carey is the unencumbered landowner of the 136-acre property on which Hawthorne Race Course exists, and on which Hawthorne Race Course, Inc. and Suburban Downs, Inc. operate as horseracing licensees in Illinois.


For the last four years, Mr. Tim Carey has served as the fourth generation president and general manager of these entities, reporting directly to its Board of Directors. In this capacity he is responsible for 27 management personnel, 330 employees and annual revenues of $280 million.


Additionally, Mr. Carey brings over 20 years of executive experience in both pari-mutuel gaming and start-up ventures within the hospitality/entertainment industries. Prior to joining Hawthorne Race Course, Mr. Carey was President and Managing Partner for Dagwood’s Sandwich Factory, LLC in the city of Chicago. Previously, Mr. Carey was President/Founder and Managing Partner of Chicago Trolley Co., and was responsible for the its strategic growth and development into the largest single trolley company in the country. In May of 2000, Mr. Carey was responsible for the coordination of the sale of the Company to an acquisition company. Prior to founding Chicago Trolley Co., Mr. Carey spent seven years as Senior Corporate Director for Inter Track Partners, an off track pari-mutuel wagering and hospitality/entertainment company with fourteen facilities and 1300 employees.

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